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on Mastodon, but not new in the federation. After the troll takeover of Diaspora and difficulties with running my own Friendica instance, I will give the decentralised networks another try.

I'm interested in exchanging thoughts on free software, electronics, compact cassettes, environmentalism and socialism.

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Current active projects:

- MoeNavigator: A web browser written from scratch (including its engine):

- Open system compact cassette: Creating new hardware and software for compact cassette drives:

- „Galaxie - Die Abenteuer vom Planeten Zeria“: A written science fiction series (in German):

Is there a need for a "nicer" command line interface for ffmpeg that is easier to use and can be parsed better by scripts?

What do you think about a program with a library that provides a modern C++ API for video conversion and uses ffmpeg libraries and maybe other libraries to do the video processing?

I think one big problem in the free software community is that developers expect gratitude (and money) by writing software that just works well enough. Why should I donate money to a project that produces buggy software or software whose quality is degrading? In most cases, I just want to use software and not wait years until it may be stable enough for productive use. This is a reason why there is still so much proprietary software for desktop systems!

At work, I need to translate software from time to time. Until recently, I was able to use Virtaal for that. In comparison with POEdit, it had more features. But since the last update, it can't even open a file. The console revealed that some python error occurred when I click File -> Open. Crashes are also common now. Well, that's one way to nudge people back to POEdit (which at least works).

Virtaal 1.0.0-beta1 on Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0

I have some ideas and melodies for music. Some of them are in my head, others are just wave files of me humming the melody and a few ones turned into LMMS projects files. With LMMS, I can compose the basic song structure, but that's it. LMMS is missing drumsets and real instrument synthesizers. Just some WAVE files of an instrument playing one note is not enough to make good music in the style of the 80s and other genres.

LMMS 1.2.2 on Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0

Over a year ago I stopped my attempts to draw things using the stylus on my computer. The reason? GIMP crashed on every 10th stroke. Since then, I had some ideas to draw stuff but thinking about getting interrupted every few minutes held me back from really trying it again.

I attempted to use kdenlive to create a video that shows the beautiful norwegian landscape in rain while I was driving through it. Unfortunately, kdenlive has no feature to select a rectangle and apply a blur filter in it for some seconds. Without the possibility to blur houses and license plates, I cannot release such a video in a reasonable resolution and therefore, it doesn't make sense to continue working on it.

Kdenlive Version 20.12.3 on Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0

Youtube channel recommendation: „A Chick Called Albert“:

Content: Hatching chicken, ducklings and other birds and also rescues of different birds.

Thansk for everyone who recommended #Codeberg to their friends, collaborators and favourite projects.

Although not everyone moved to Codeberg because of this (which is fine!), we spread awareness about alternatives and that development does not equal #Git**b. This is what matters!

Thank you and keep going - Tell your friends! 💙

#GitLab #GitHub #Gitea

Menschenrechtsorganisationen sind alarmiert: Küstenwache und Behörden in Griechenland gehen zunehmend illegal gegen Geflüchtete vor – und die EU schaut zu.
Das Ende einer Flucht: 146 Jahre Haft

What do you think about Firefox?

„Während europaweit die Zahlen der Infektionen mit Covid-19 durch die Decke schießen, entsteht eine internationale Massenbewegung gegen die staatliche Politik, die zu Masseninfektionen in den Schulen führt. [...] In der Masse der Bevölkerung herrscht große Unterstützung für Distanzunterricht und Opposition gegen den Unterricht in unsicheren Schulen.“

Mehr dazu hier:

Regarding the memory leaks in MoeNavigator's engine:

The search for memory leaks has mostly halted the development of new features since a year and blocks the release of version 0.0.1 of the engine. Therefore, I ask you:

Shall the memory leaks be fixed before version 0.0.1 is released or shall they be fixed in a later version so that new features can be implemented?

Wenn dat lóó Urteil bestehe bleiwt, kann die AfD bei da Landtagswahl im Wahlkreis Saarbrigge nit aantrete:

Hoffentlich zerleht sich die Partei noch weider. Brauche duun ma se jedefalls nit.

If Firefox 95 doesn't work for you, wait for Firefox NT 4.0, 98SE or 2000, but definetly avoid Firefox ME!

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