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@migo Ich persönlich bin davon ausgegangen, dass Daunendecken und dicke Bundeswehrpullover, Haussocken und Skihosen zum Renner werden. Dass das Gros der Bevölkerung nicht bereit ist sich einzuschränken und auf klimaverachtende Maßnahmen ausweicht finde ich mal wieder enttäuschend und führt mir mal wieder meine Naivität vor Augen.

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Wir brauchen eine neue Wirtschaftsverfassung.
Statt Shareholder Value brauchen wir Stakeholder Economy mit einer ökologisch fundierten Kreislaufwirtschaft. Solange wir auf "ewiges" Wachstum setzen, wird das nichts mit unserem Überleben. Stakeholder sind Natur, Mitarbeiter, Kunden etc.. Wir brauchen eine andere Wirtschaft, die auf alle Rücksicht nimmt und die Ressourcen schont.

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@Erdrandbewohner Das wäre ein exzellentes Argument für die schnelle Einführung von Autobahngebühren (sonst fahren zu viele auf der Autobahn) und auch für die Erhöhung der Gebühren für Anwohnerparkplätze (sonst parken zu viele auf der Strasse). Aber bei der #FDP funktionieren diese Dinge immer nur wenn sie im direkten Interesse der Autolobby sind.

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Mit dem 9€-Ticket hat man wirklich mal was umgesetzt, was den Namen "Freiheit" verdient. Einfach in einen Zug oder Bus einsteigen und losfahren, ohne sich Sorgen zu machen, ob man das richtige Ticket gezogen hat.
In diese Richtung muss es weitergehen.

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Most leaders, individuals or State, pursue control by all means possible.
"My control is benevolent, the other is driven by evil agendas." - always true for at least the bully (the type we seem to promote to leadership positions).
USA is the biggest, strongest, wealthiest bully State ever in recorded history (paraphrasing Elon Musk - "we will invade whoever we want to") it is moral to stand up to it.
I hope to be proved wrong by hearing that Assange is a free man.

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Ich habe gestern aus mehreren Gründen meinen Plan, zu Fuß einmal um die Welt zu laufen, nach hinten verschoben und laufe erstmal einmal um Deutschland.
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@EU_Commission empty words. Let me know when you've dropped your habitat destroying biofuel mandates so that those edible oils can go into the global food supply instead of European cars. Tell me your plans to stop subsidizing the meat and dairy industries so that those plant based calories from various grains can be eaten directly by people instead of being inefficiently converted into meat at factory farms or feedlots.

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CW: This is going to be a thread about my experiences with miscarriage, physically and mentally, and how miscarriages affected by laws regarding abortions. It will contain details.

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Thinking aloud about enhancing security and deniability 

@Temmie19 :thinking:
Makes me think: "encrypted" won't matter much if one gets subpoena'd, but what if it created plausibly deniable fake data if one entered the wrong passcode?

It could offer something like a friendly visual hash based on the passcode (e.g. a cartoon face mascot, a colour scheme, a procedurally generated border frill, etc.), so one could know whether they had made an error decrypting the data.

Then a person subpoena'd for potentially incriminating menstruation data ( :picardfacepalm: ) could provide an incorrect passphrase and get some plausible normal-looking data to refuse to comment or speculate or testify upon.

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Wir müssen bei Privatsphäre wirklich immer vom allerschlimmsten ausgehen. Ja, auch davon, dass morgen Nazis in der Regierung sitzen. Auch davon, dass morgen ein Gericht ein Grundrecht kippt. Alles, was ihr erheben und speichern lasst, wird gegen euch verwendet werden.

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christian lindner fordert dass wir mehr überstunden machen sollen damit er weiterhin mercedes fahren kann

ich finde das wichtig und da ich diese woche jeden tag von morgens bis spät abends gearbeitet habe frage ich mich natürlich wo ich helfen kann

wo sollte ich kürzer treten?

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"We need to defend the poor!"
- Primarily talks about increasingly top-heavy economy

"We need to protect the children!"
- Introduces total surveillance and police-state laws

"We need to protect human rights!"
- Makes deals with Russia, China, Saudi-Arabia, ignores US atrocities

"We need to protect the climate!"
- Builds new coal power plants, drills for new oil, sells us lies like E10 fuel and more

Please, go ahead. Tell me more.

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Gibt offenbar einige Accounts, die solche Videos machen. Aber das hier ist... das ist doch echt grandios:


(Schlittenfahrer-Animationen, synchron zu klassischer Musik)

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@EU_Commission „All necessarily measures“ includes a stop on direct and indirect subsidies for grain-fed livestock production and products, right?

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‼️BREAKING: Italian DPA @GPDP_IT next to ban #GoogleAnalytics due to the lack of adeqate safeguards for data transfers to the US

Official statement: garanteprivacy.it/home/docweb/

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re: total nonsense 

Dear wearer. These shoe's license keys have expired. You can purchase a new license key from shoeco.com.


1. Can I keep wearing my shoes until I get a new key?

Yes, but please note that some features will be disabled in basic shoe mode: closing laces, steps larger than 30cm, jumping, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, and more. To gain access to these PREMIUM FEATURES you must have an active ShoeCo license key.

2. Can I still take off my shoes?

Yes of course, laces can be unlocked with an invalid activation, but please note that they may not re-lock themselves before activation.

3. What happens if I don't re-activate my license?

Your shoes will keep working in basic shoe mode for up to 12 months (or until the next major update). After that time they will turn into brick mode and no longer function as shoes.

Thank you for your trust and support in ShoeCo.


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@cwebber Well… people rather than users.
Like, robot police dogs empower their user (police) but they're used against people.
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"...In the 1950s.... the American Can Company, Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Coca-Cola, and the Dixie Cup company got together to design a solution to the growing pressure to regulate disposable packaging. They knew the issue of litter would not go away and was increasingly unpopular with the public, but disposable packaging was incredibly profitable. They needed a way to avoid regulation that might limit the use of disposables, and their solution was cunning.

They founded a nonprofit called Keep America Beautiful and poured significant amounts of money into environmental awareness campaigns. This helped them look good, but the real genius was in the message behind the campaigns - that litter on the streets had nothing to do with the producers, but was the fault of the person who dropped it - the litterbug. Keep America Beautiful managed to shift the entire debate around Americas garbage and litter problems away from the industry and on to consumers, and the strategy has been copied to time and time again since."

-- "Sustainable Web Design"

Sound familiar?

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"(...) 58% of the rapeseed – and 9% of the sunflower oil – consumed in Europe between 2015 and 2019 was burned in cars and trucks, even though their climate impacts may be even worse than fossil fuels. Supermarkets have had to ration vegetable oils and prices are soaring,” said Maik Marahrens from the campaign group Transport & Environment, which carried out the research. “At the same time, we are burning thousands of tons of sunflower and rapeseed oil in our cars daily. In a time of scarcity we must prioritise food over fuel.”

The famed efficiency of the free market is yet again on display for everyone to marvel at its perfection, I see.


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