The version 3.1.2 was released yesterday.
For Playstore users: please update the playstore version manually. This is necessary, because I can't update the app via the playstore (Google deleted the app). Further updates will be recognised by the internal updater. You should inform and/or help all playstore users you are knowing.

For fdroid an updated webrtc library is still not available, so it needs some more time. Sorry

@blabber @thatonecalculator

if I was installing a new #blabber #xmpp, which apk should I install on android, git.apk, playstore.apk, or fdroid.apk?

so i'm thinking between git.apk and playstore.apk. but what's the difference? I never use playstore, so i'm thinking git.apk? does that sound right?


yes, use Git one is the right choice if you like faster updates ;)

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